Saturday, August 21, 2010


The following planning applications have progressed through the first stage of the system, with Brigg Town Council raising no objections. North Lincolnshire planners will now decide whether or not to grant permission.

Application Number PA/2010/0844
Prior Notification Procedure – Works to Trees Within a Conservation Area
Notice of Intention to reduce and trim very large confider tree situated within a Conservation Area. 2 Wrawby Street, Brigg.

Application Number 2010/0900
Planning Permission to erect a single storey rear extension and replacement flat roof with pitched roof. 18 Burgess Road, Brigg.

Application Number 2010/0898
Planning Permission to replace an extant planning permission (2007/1968 dated 07/01/2008) for change of use of first floor and part of ground floor into 2 residential units with associated alterations. Rear of 15, Bridge Street, Brigg.


Anonymous said...

文章雖然普通,但意義卻很大~~^^~~ ..................................................

Ken Harrison said...

As I have a tree that needs 2 metres lopping off its top, I checked the official info.

Owners of any tree with a trunk diameter of 75mm, (about 2 and half inches), or over (apart from fruit trees), which do not already have a preservation order in a Conservation Area have to give the authority 6 weeks notice for the opportunity that they can inspect the tree and raise, if necessary, a preservation order.

Therefore, the official procedure seems to also apply to overgrown leylandii hedges - they are obviously not fruit trees: they grow rapidly and their trunks widths can be fairly wide.

Does that mean any householder wishing to trim a leyandii-type hedge has to give the council 6 weeks notice?

Surely, fruit trees are not the only exception to this procedure. Does anyone know otherwise?

gmsmith said...

What is the ruling on Confider trees ?
They could provide a counselling service to Brigg .

Ken Harrison said...

gmsmithy......not quite smithy...that confidentiality service is left to the elders.