Sunday, August 15, 2010


We understand Brigg railway station and its very infrequent, Saturdays-only passenger service will feature in a news item on BBC Look North this coming Wednesday, August 18th, at 6.30pm.


Ken Harrison said...

I shall turn on me signal box and watch.

Have they already filmed the sequence, Nige?
If not, I shall loiter about the platform as the local loony.

Ken Harrison said...

Monday pm
I'm loitering, Nige.
.....I'm very good at loitering.

Ken Harrison said...

Wednesay - early morning

Wot a shock!

While restfully having a cuppa in front of the telly, Tom Glossop suddenly emerges from the pixels on Look North at 7.55am.

It's so unfair, I'm a better loiterer than Tom, but he gets on telly and scares everyone before they've properly woken up.