Wednesday, February 17, 2010


From Ken Harrison

I am making use of North Lincolnshire Council's s new facility of e-petitioning to bring to their attention an area of concern.
My e-petition is short and sweet and relates to Springs Way, Brigg. I have indicated that the footpath is dangerous and needs repairing urgently.
To find the site, go to - or just type it in 'Search' and NLC Home page will appear.
Click and find 'Council & Democracy' on left-hand side - Click,
Similarly scroll and find 'Decision Making' - Click,
Then look for 'Petition' - Click, and 'Springs Way' pops up in top right. (it actually say, 'Spring Way' 'cos I'm a lazy checker.
If any Brigg Blog follower wants to lend support, please add name.

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