Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Planning permission for these gates on Market Lane, at the side of Grimley Smith Associates' Market Place headquarters in Brigg, has been granted by North Lincolnshire Council.
The information was revealed to Brigg Town Council's planning and environment committee by Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard.
The town council objected, believing the gates would restrict and prevent access to a public right of way between Springs Way and the Market Place at the former Smith Parkinson garage site.
Three letters of objection were received raising the same issue. However, a report prepared by planning staff for North Lincolnshire councillors said: "Market Lane is not shown as a public right of way on the Definitive Map and it has been confirmed that the land is not a highway. Therefore the principle of erecting a form of boundary treatment such as a gate on private land is considered to be acceptable. The gates do not open onto the highway so no issue has been raised by the council’s
highway department.
"At the previous committee meeting on 14 October a query was raised about whether Market Lane is an adopted highway. Subsequently the council’s highway department have confirmed that their records show that Market Lane is not an adopted highway on the Definitive Map.
"The applicant has stated that the gates are left open during weekdays to allow continued access between Market Place and Springs Way. However there is no planning requirement for these gates to remain open to the public at any time during the week and, as stated previously, Market Lane is not shown as a public right of way on the Definitive Map. Furthermore the public can still gain access to the Market Place from Springs Way via Cary Lane and Springs Parade. Therefore access to the Market Place is not restricted by the retention of these gates."
Brigg Blog popped up on Saturday to take this picture and the gates were open to the public, as the planners' report suggested they would be.

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