Saturday, November 21, 2009


There seems to be a groundswell of opinion that the River Ancholme in Brigg is a very much under-used asset and improvements are needed, such as regular removal of trolleys, litter and other material, plus more weed cutting.
Brigg town councillors are onboard, and so (we believe) are the Ancholme Users' Group, North Lincolnshire Council and the Environment Agency, which manages our river.
It would be great if more boaters from afar (or not so far) came to see Brigg as a place to visit and chugged down the river, stopping off to go into Brigg and boost trade for local businesses.
More pleasure trips along the river for the general public, during the spring, summer and even early autumn, would also prove enjoyable, if entrepreneurs can see there's a market and feel they can make such tours pay.
We fully intend to report any information that becomes available on this worthwhile initiative.
There was a brief discussion at Brigg Town Council's latest planning and environment committee meeting, with Sue Nicholson among the councillors speaking up for River Ancholme improvements. And we know Deputy Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs is a keen believer in tapping into the river's undoubted potential.
Whether or not the required County Bridge improvements can be implemented remains to be seen. You may recall there's been a long-running campaign by a group called the Friends of the County Bridge (with Coun Tom Glossop at the helm) trying to persuade the powers-that-be to return the bridge to how it used to look, now it no longer carries the heavy traffic it did when forming a key part of the A18.
Stone balustrades, rather than ugly metal railings, and the removal of the pedestrian walkway at the side of the bridge are just a couple of the suggested improvements.
This will need funding by someone, of course - and it won't come cheap, as they say.

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Ken Harrison said...

Like the pic, Nige. It reminds me of the time when two revellers from the Woolpack tried to fish the Moon out of the river!