Monday, November 16, 2009


Brigg Town Council has now given its support to North Lincolnshire Council's Code for Sustainable Homes and the Use of On-site Renewable Energy for Industrial and Commercial Developments.
North Lincolnshire has been ranked in the bottom two per cent of all regions in the UK for CO2 emissions - 11.9 tons per person. Three-quarters of that is down to industry, but the remaining 25 per cent 'comes from our housing stock'.
Having signed up to reduce its own carbon footprint by 33 per cent over the next five years, North Lincolnshire Council now wants to ensure future housing is constructed to a very high standard to keep emissions to a minimum.
Surely no-one will argue with North Lincolnshire Council's aims.
But there's no longer any such thing as council housing - the remaining stock (not sold off under Right to Buy) is overseen by North Lincolnshire Homes, a different organisation.
Brigg Town Council only operates one building in the town, the Angel Suite, and won't be involved in putting up any new ones in the next few years.
The same goes for all the other town and parish councils in North Lincolnshire who, presumably, are being asked to support the campaign to cut the area's CO2 emissions.
Clearly, North Lincolnshire Council faces a very difficult task. Presumably it's another of these Government and/or European Union directives with which they are having to comply.
Some may forecast this countrywide initiative will just result in a lot of hot air involving endless meetings and discussions. They may be proved right, but it's a serious subject. And every little helps.

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