Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Brigg's Fair Game Community Football is a project aimed at combating exclusion and preventing anti-social behaviour, while developing youngsters within the game.
Some of the parents have kindly pointed Brigg Blog to Fair Game's entry on the Facebook network. Reading the comments made it's obvious the children, and their parents, get a lot out of this initiative.
The youngsters' efforts have been rewarded with tickets for the Scunthorpe v Ipswich match next month.
The group's aim is to provide free football in the community to encourage youths to participate in football in order to prevent anti-social behaviour, to develop fitness and have fun in a safe environment.
It encourages respect and fair play, builds confidence, enhances social skills, develops communication, aids teamwork and builds community spirit.
As well as trying to access community grants, Brigg’s Fair Game will also be organising sponsored fun events to enable the youths to participate in raising money for equipment etc, and at the same time encouraging community spirit and that feel good factor.

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