Friday, July 10, 2015


The entrance to College Yard, off  Old Courts Road, is one earmarked to benefit from one of the arches.

People in Brigg are being consulted about Brigg Town Business Partnership's interesting and welcome plans to see arches added to the backs of the courtyards near the main Old Courts Road car park, to point the way to the town centre for shoppers, tourists and visitors.
Brigg & Goole MP Andrew Percy is very much involved in these proposals and is inviting local residents and businesses to view what's on offer.
Brigg Town Business Partnership says it is continually looking for ways to attract and increase the numbers of visitors to the town, with plans already in hand to produce leaflets as well as business information boards at key locations. 
Another initiative that the Brigg Town Business Partnership has been developing with Scunthorpe's North Lindsey College, and North Lincolnshire Council, is  to have arches over the Courtyard entrances, making a gateway into the main areas of the town. 
The arches will be at the entrances to the Old Courts, from Old Courts car park, leading people from the car park, via the Courts, to the centre of the town. The Courts are defined as Coney Court, School Yard, College Yard and Chapel Court.
Andrew says: “Brigg Town Business Partnership is keen to work with businesses and local residents to promote the town and the wide range of attractions on offer. The partnership has been working with North Lindsey College on the idea of installing arches, to promote the history of the Courts, and students have prepared designs. It is for residents to decide if they wish to take this innovative idea forward and I hope that we can work together to continue to promote the town.”
The designs will be available to view at an event on Friday 24th July, 5.30pm for 6.00pm, in the Buttercross, Brigg (above the Tourist Information Office). A light buffet will be provided. 
If you would like to attend, please contact Robert Lingard on 01405 767969 or email not later than Monday 20th July. 
Brigg Blog, and others, no doubt, have received personal invitations from our MP to attend. Meanwhile, Coun Jane Kitching, who is an official of the Business Partnership, has asked us to stress that the public of Brigg are being consulted and will be welcome to go along and  view the plans. Room is limited at the Buttercross. So if you are interested, be sure to let the organisers know you wish to attend.
Andrew Percy MP told Brigg Blog: "It is for residents to decide if they wish to take this innovative idea forward and so continue working towards promoting the town and the many independent, quality businesses in the town."

ARCH-SUPPORTER: Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy.


Ken Harrison said...

What about Morley Yard?
If you didn't support the idea of arches....does one become an Arch Enemy?
College Yard relates to Clare College of the biggest land-owners about the area.

Ken Harrison said...

It will be interesting to see how these arches will be supported as, at the back of the courtyards, facing Old Courts, there are few structures to which the arches could be attached....even College Yard has a variation in height of the buildings...
Some folk believe that the arches are to decorate the entrances from Wrawby St....if so, then it doesn't comply with the aim of improving/enhancing attractiveness from Old Courts...

Ken Harrison said...

Coney Court is often referred as an historical yard related to Brigg's rabbit pelt/felt trade.
If the intention is to encourage folks to visit Brigg's hidden alleyways the visitors will be surprisec to discover some rough building site, the unattractive back of the Servicemen's Club and the side of Wilko's...! (the Hungry Fishermen is a little gem, however)
But should we be enticing visitors to explore such an alleyway before it is made much more attractive?