Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Brigg's voluntary footpath warden, Tony Parker, told an amusing train story while delivering his report to the annual town meeting, in the Angel Suite.
There have been many jokes about wrong sort of leaves on the line holding up trains, and about the state of British Rail sandwiches and punctuality. 
But the private train companies which now run the show are not exempt, as Tony demonstrated.
He revealed it is cheaper to travel from Brigg to Doncaster via Barnetby than it is to travel from Barnetby to Doncaster!
Perhaps it's something to do with different companies running different trains.
In terms of Brigg footpaths, Tony reported everything in good order, with the heavily-used route from Brigg to Wrawby, through the fields, being well maintained.
However, he suggested that a lot of tidying up needed to be done close to where the new footpath and cycleway is being created along the River Ancholme.
Tony was thanked by Town Mayor Councillor Edward Arnott for his hard work during the year.


Ken Harrison said...

You forgot to mention, Nige, the experiment of deploying special, double-decker, open-topped trains on the Sheffield to Cleethorpe route.
The brightly painted trains, with livery of purple and green with pink wheels are expected to boost tourism during the holiday season..... and they are expected to go through Brigg at 9.53am and 11.59am today...

Unknown said...

£11.30 from brigg v £17.10 from barnetby saving £5.80