Monday, April 06, 2015


Brigg Blog was interested to discover that attempts are being made to put chess on the menu at a local pub.
The Black Bull posted on Facebook: "Are you a chess player? Come down to the Bull on a Wednesday at 6.30 if you would like a challenge. All games are informal but fun and depending how many turn up we may start an in-house league."
Brigg Blog suggests it might be bad form to ask for a pint of draught is earshot of chess enthusiasts!
Darts has already made a comeback at the Bull. Now chess is being considered. This is a pub looking to provide something that's not on offer at JD Wetherspoon's White Horse. 


Ken Harrison said...

....and 'One for his Knob'....I use to enjoy a game of cribbage. There used to traditional pub games in the Queen Arms....Crib and 5's and 3' the 80's.
One could spend a very enjoyable evening and win/lose about 10p......and a few matches.

Ken Harrison said...

B4 someone says that I'm using a naughty word....this is a recognised shout in cribbage.
An alternative is Nob...and very occasionally it is said that Nibs is used...,but personally, I've never heard anyone use this alternative.
There term seems to refer to at the end of play, someone may claim an extra point for having a jack of a pre-selected a member of the nobility.
After a few pints one's mind can become a bit fuggy..and it could prove a bit difficult calling out 'One for the nobility'....hence the abbreviated term...