Saturday, July 13, 2013


Brigg Blog's recent flagging up of a very badly positioned pothole on the A1084, Bigby Road, near the Monument roundabout (close to the car sales business) seems to have prompted  action. We are pleased to report that it's now been filled in. We dipped a wheel in it a few weeks ago and we are sure that other drivers did likewise. Perhaps North Lincolnshire Council, the highway authority, was planning to deal with it anyway, without our mentioning the problem. All that matters is it no longer remains a potential hazard.

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Ken Harrison said...

Apart from that.....the whole of the Monument Roundabout is to be resurfaced in the near future..

Does anyone know whether the tarmac near, or on a roundabout is different to the normal tarmac?
This question is not as daft as it a busy roundabout/junction is obviously affected by the torsion and strains of motorists braking and traffic torquing the road surface in its constant clockwise direction around a roundabout. And obviously, one doesn't want the tarmac to melt on such vital braking sections in hot sunny days...