Monday, January 21, 2013


Brigg Blog has raised the issue of parking on Wrawby Road before. This afternoon was a fine example - several cars parked right outside, but this time in bad weather. How it it that legal parking is permitted on the A18, blocking one lane? If ever there was a place for double yellow lines in Brigg, it is outside the old High School entrance.


Ken Harrison said...

I appreciate that some folks park along the road leading to the Rec.
But having said that, there are more people wanting to park than the number of available 'off-road' places.
The danger of putting zig-zags/yellow lines outside the entrance is that they will only displace the waiting cars further along Wrawby won't really resolve the underlying problem.
Is it possible to create an alternative pupil entrance/egress via the Rec? And then improve the existing car parking facilities near the Rec ground?


It strikes me that the reason that successive highway authorities - Lindsey, Humberside and now North Lincolnshire - have failed to put down yellow lines is the expense. The problem exists only twice a day for 15-20 mins. But, having said that, consider how many times people in side streets actually have their drives, etc, blocked by visiting motorists. Yet the yellow lines are introduced. Returning to Wrawby Road, it still seems wrong that drivers can be permitted to park on an A18 road which, according to official figures, sees in the region of 17,000 vehicles a day. Surely free flow of traffic is essential on such a major route.

gmsmith said...

Ken there is a connecting strip of land between the High school field and Glebe Road .It used to be used as access for the grass cutting tractor . If this strip could be upgraded to an exit / entrance for pupils it would provide an alternative route for some pupils . However , the residents of Glebe Road may not be so keen having just become a 'school free zone' .

Ken Harrison said...

The problem I see, re a Glebe Rd entrance, is that it will concentrate both pupil mass and school traffic in essentially the same area ..circa the Upper School entrance and GSR.

During the Jubilee Celebrations, the car parking facilities in the Rec were extended with the opening up of the moribund tennis courts.

In addition, there are plans afoot to improve the sporting and leisure activities of the Rec.

If such plans could include a multiple-use car park - for the Rec; a school pick-up point for cars and the footie ground, then perhaps there will be no need to create other entrances/exits.

Keep the Wrawby Rd entrance for the school buses.

Ok...the kids may have to walk an extra 100 yards..

Problem solved!!!

gmsmith said...

I agree Ken hopefully some people will have included car parking in the Brigg Rec development survey that has had its deadline extended .