Sunday, December 30, 2012


We continue our occasional series of Brigg salt bin pictures with this one taken on a sunny Sunday morning  at Almond Grove. The bin is beside the short, but steep, road that connects Atherton Way and Almond Grove/Birch Avenue and is just a few yards from the Barnard Avenue bungalows.
These bins dotted around Brigg are a joint initiative between our Town Council and the North Lincolnshire authority. The aim is to keep the bins stocked with material that community-minded householders can collect and spread during spells of ice and snow.


Ken Harrison said...

There's a yellow salt/grit bin to the rear of the Angel, adjoining the Angel car-park......but it seems that it hasn't seen much salt since Pontious was a pilate....

gmsmith said...

Whatever happened to the ' Saxa Salt ' snake your mum used to make on the path outside the garden gate ?
These bins will get used , it was heartening to see people showing community spirit two years ago during the big freeze . Some closes off Churchill Avenue were entirely cleared by residents . Not just a precision pathway that stopped exactly on their propertys boundry , but more a lets clear the whole path and road for everyone to use.
This year the bins could double up as emergency corracles should the rain continue into 2013.