Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Brigg Blog would like to flag up what's seen as a safety issue that needs looking at on the Davy Memorial Playing Field - between Bigby Road and King's Avenue.
North Lincolnshire Council should be aware of stones and other sharp objects in the goalmouths of the football pitch used by locals enjoying kickabouts in time-honoured fashion.
Even during this wettest of summers the grass has been unable to re-establish itself to re-cover the goalmouth areas - resulting in bare patches of ground.
It would be really appreciated if the powers-that-be provided a short, synthetic all-weather pitch here (not the full 100 yard long version).
But, failing that, how about just putting down a synthetic surface to cover the few square metres of goalmouth - between and immediately in front of the posts?
North Lincolnshire Council has a good record in the field of health and safety, which, as we all know, is  something local authorities of today have to consider very carefully.

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Ken Harrison said...

Perhaps the council won't be too conservative and put much labour into your suggestion and will be liberal in their efforts to resolve the situation, Scribs.
As you say, we don't won't anything on the extreme left and right wings - just the centre ground.