Saturday, August 11, 2012


Brigg Town Council's Planning and Environment Committee will meet next week and decide what it thinks of the LED street lights currently being trialled by North Lincolnshire highways in the Churchill Avenue area.
The committee meets on Wednesday, August 15 at 7pm in the Angel Suite, and the session is open to interested members of the public.
Any thoughts town councillors may have will be forwarded on to North Lincolnshire Council, which is also requesting the views of people living in the streets where the new lights are on its "controlled trial."
This is a pilot project and if it goes well, and the new-style lights are introduced across North Lincolnshire, there will be a big saving to the public purse, as much less energy is used.
The main difference to the passer-by is white light comes from the LED street lamps, compared to the traditionally orange/yellow we've enjoyed for many years.
Wednesday's meeting will also see town councillors consider the latest planning applications submitted for Brigg.
Looking ahead to the winter, they will be considering the provision of salt bins: Are more needed on Brigg streets? Should they be placed at different locations for householders to access during bad weather?

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helping articles to understand how we can use led street to light up the town.