Thursday, August 16, 2012


Ben Benifer has contacted Brigg Blog with further information about the RAF career of the late Jack Moore - former teacher at Brigg Grammar, Sir John Nelthorpe School and long-serving Brigg Hockey Club player.

I was alerted to the death of Jack Moore by one of his many friends in Brigg,   I tracked down your article in Brigg Blog, by use of Ask (Jeeves).
It was the comment about Jack not being old enough to serve in WW2 which prompted me to try to 'put the record straight'.
Jack joined the Royal Air Force in 1952 as a National Serviceman, at the same time as myself, although we didn't become acquainted until we travelled to Canada, to be trained at the RCAF Air Navigation School No 2, in Winnipeg.
We graduated, and were Commissioned in early 1954, the remainder of our service time being spent at HQ 2 ATAF Germany, where we were attached to the Intelligence Branch.
Jack was obviously a real asset to his adopted town, as your tribute suggested, and enjoyed the friendship and respect of those around him.  
My regret is that I lost touch with him when we left Germany and didn't regain contact until we were both retired.

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Ken Harrison said...

For ref: Under a United Nations scheme, some RAF aircrew were trained in Canada between 1950 to 1957.
The photo of Jack (in Brigg People) shows he is wearing an RAF crest on his tie - it is too difficult to see which unit it depicts - but the crest has a king's crown - suggesting that he had been a member - pre Eliz ll, or around the cusp when king to queen crowns changed.