Sunday, March 27, 2011


Brigg Town Council holds its monthly meeting tomorrow (Monday) in the Angel Suite (6.45pm).
It will be followed at 7.30pm by the Annual Town Meeting, when townsfolk are welcome to go along and raise issues of interest to them or to put questions to councillors.
During the Town Council meeting, consideration will be given to a motion from Coun Ann Eardley, which states: “The Town Council should register strong opposition to the proposed relocation of the Brigg Tourist Information Service to Scunthorpe.”

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Ken Harrison said...

Issues of Concern:

1.The need to review the safety aspects of Bridge St for all road-users in relation to both present concerns re existing poor sight lines for motorists emerging from side roads; the common difficulty of turning right and the lack of a pedestrian crossing....and also in relation to the future expected/anticipated increase of the volume of traffic, re the 60 house development plans in the locality of P&B and the Tesco/Lidl proposed development.

The situation could be potentially further exacerbated if P&B relocate, opening further housing development proposals on the vacant and possibly any adjoining site.

2. The urgent need to undertake intensive archaeological research on the flood-plain site, essentially Island Carr.
The site is known to contain a pre-historic plankway dating from the 1st Millennium BC - of 'huge oak' timbers ((one known site exposed in 1886 and another known site in 1933) in 1957, destroyed timbers thought to belong to the ancient plankway were found in the bank of the Acholme Navigation)), but the precise extended route of such a plankway has not been established and, as such, is in significant danger of being destroyed by any potential building work on the site of the Island Carr flood-plain.

With the intensive possible redevelopment of the area - 60 houses and Tesco/Lidl....there is a danger that extremely signification artefacts could be lost, or destroyed.

3.CCTV cameras about Brigg. The need to establish their, or their operational efficiency, especially in connection to recent incidents when 'nothing was recorded' and 'the incident was out of range of the camera', despite respective cameras being sited no more than 30m from such incidents.

4. TIC.

5. The15, or so, 20 minute only parking bays in Bigby Street be revised to become 1 hour parking.....These bays were originally established to essentially cater for dropping off/picking up needs of Brigg Prep School.

As the original concern not longer exists (the special school on the same site, uses the front playground for parking and their pupils are conveyed by minibus, which also the on-site facility for disembarkation/embarkation of pupils)

A high percentage of the 20 minutes parking bays remain underused - the main reason appears that the limited time does not allow drivers to visit the nearby dental practice, of solicitor offices..let alone have sufficient time to shop in Brigg.