Monday, July 05, 2010


On behalf of our family, many thanks for the expressions of sympathy received following the death of Ken, aged 80 - retired town councillor and former chief inspector with British Rail.
He served on Brigg Urban District Council from the mid-1960s and later on Brigg Town Council.
The funeral service will be at Woodlands Crematorium, Scunthorpe, on Tuesday, July 13 at 1pm.


Anonymous said...
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gmsmith said...

May I offer my codolencies to you and your family Nigel.
As I remember Ken was a council member who had his own views on matters and was a man who stuck by those views . A man not to be swayed from the path he had chosen and who would challenge any member who tried to change his views.
He will be sadly missed but long respected.

Ken Harrison said...

Just seen you tonight, Nige,... I didn't know until I opened Brigg Blog.
Big footprints to follow.
Greatest sympathy,


Thanks, sirs, for your kind words.

Ian Coleman said...

May I offer my condolencies to you and your family. I was very fortunate to work with Ken as Area Inspectors under British Rail at Scunthorpe. He gave me support and guidance very early on in my career, he was highly respected not only by me but by the guys under his supervision, known to be firm but always fair. My career progressed and I firmly believe had it not been for Ken in those early days my career moves would not have happened. His name is often mentioned within the railway community, he was a good man.

James Truepenny said...

I am deeply saddened by this news. This year has seen a great loss to the town in elder statesmen. With the recent passing of Bryan Robins and now the departure of Ken I am very sorry for you and your family Nigel.

Ken and Bryan where both an inspiration to me when I first became a Councilor ten years ago. Their oratory skill and careful consideration of the subject under discussion was a class in good government and I am privileged to have been around to see it.

James Truepenny