Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Just got back from tonight's Brigg Neighbourhood Policing public meeting in the Angel Suite. Much to report later, including the quarterly crime figures from Insp Brett Rutty and an interesting discussion prompted by Ken Harrison about the lunch-time theft of a shop sign in full view, on market day, in Wrawby Street.
But first, a moment of humour from Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs who noted an unfortunate "typo" in the minutes of the previous meeting.
Rather than representing Brigg Matters Newsletter, our First Citizen had been there on behalf of Brigg MOTHERS' Newsletter.


gmsmith said...

Spellchecker the wroot of all evil.

Ken Harrison said...

Ben's hidden talents,...one for the ladies, eh? He kept that quiet!!! Lucky so-in-so!!

It's amazing what a simple slip makes...it's never a 100 percent safe!