Thursday, May 06, 2010


Today (6th May) Brigg Netball Club celebrates its 10th Birthday.
Here is a list of achievements:

1999 - V. McErlain awarded District Sports Council Service to Sport Award

April 2000 - Club opened doors supported by an Awards For All grant

May 2000 - U-11s reach semi-final in Youth Games
Jan 2001 - club accredited as Bronze CAPs club
Sept 2001 - V. McErlain - award All-England award for Voluntary Service in its 75th anniversary awards
Sept 2001 - Hi 5 team win gold at Sleaford
Jan 2003 - received 2nd Lottery Award
Sept 2003 - U-14s and U-16s win gold at Barge tournament
Oct 2003 - U-14s took gold at Horncastle and U-12s got Bronze
Oct 2003 - Seniors came 3rd at Torquay
2004 - website launched
2004/5 season - U-16s won lincolnshire League
March 2005 - V. McErlain wins first North Lincolnshire Leisure Volunteer Award for Coach of the year and the Club wins Sports club of the year
May 2005 - trip to Barbados - U-16s come home undeafeated
Sept 17th, 2005 - U-14s win RAF Grand Prix fair play award
July 15th, 2006 - U-14s win RAF grand prix fair play award and finish 2nd in league
2006 - hi 5 team win 5 goole tournaments
oct 2007 - trip to Malta - U-16s finished 3rd; U-18s finished 1st in Masterclass International Tournament
2007/2008 season - U-12s win lincolnshire league/U16s finish 2nd in local adult summer league
2008 - senior A team win group winners at Skegness
March 2009 - last season's U-12s win junior team of the year at NL awards night and V. McErlain - wins coach of the year for the 2nd time
2008/9 season - U-11s finish 3rd/U-12s finish 1st/U-13s (playing in U-14 league) finish 3rd/U-16s finish first/U-19s finish 2nd in lincolnshire league and Club wins Club of the season, and U-17s finish 3rd in local adult senior league.
2009 - Mark, Nat, Sue and Laura all qualify as level 2 coaches.
April 2009 - 2 members of U-16 team selected to represent Lincolnshire at regional festival - and finished first
2009 - Mark qualifies as a B award Umpire
July 2009 - U-13 "A" team finish 2nd in Humberside U-14 league
13th sept 2009 - U-14s finish 1st/U16s finish 4th/U-13s finish 1st at Louth tournament
Oct 2009 - 3 members of club get selected into E. Midlands regional Academy and 2 members into Yorkshire regional Accademy
11th March 2010 - Tracy Chapman wins North Lincs female voluntry award of the year and Mark comes 2nd in Male category
14th March U-14 "A" team win 2009/10 lincs league title undefeated
21st March - 15 members of club get selected into Lincolnshire Satalite accademy
27th March 4 members get selected into Lincolnshire County accademy
28th March U-14 team represent Lincolnshire at Regional tournament and Win undefeated - now go on the represent E. Mids at the Nationals 8th/9th May 2010 / U19s come 6th at regional event
20th April - U-18s finish 4th in Scunthorpe adult league and senior A team finish 5th
23rd-25th April - 2 teams travel to Isle of Man - U-18s ranked 1st after league stage and finished 3rd overall in senior section
25th April - 2 members of the clubs U-15 team selected to play in regional festival and finish first with one player winning a special award for best ball hunter in defence
2nd May 2010 - U-18s win Lincolnshire Senior B League.

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Ken Harrison said...

Let's have more stories like this instead of tales of the antics of the minority group of Brigg skallies.

But what is the 'best ball hunter' (last line)?