Friday, April 16, 2010


There are still some tickets left for Brigg Amateur Social Historians' VE day/1940s night - entitled "Wish Me Luck" - on Friday, 7th May at Brigg & District Servicemen's Club, Coney Court.
The event features Paula Baldwin’s Shiny Stockings swing band, vocalists Sarah Blair-Manning, Christine Scott, Marty Wilson and the Jump Jive Alive dancers. Plus buffet and raffle; 1940s dress/uniform welcome. Admission by ticket only - £15 from Tourist Information, The Buttercross, Brigg, Tel: 01652 657053.


Ken Harrison said...

'Bash-dates at 11 o'clock, hight'

De-mob suits and suspenders welcome!

A blue pair of overalls and a small box can transform one into an Air Raid Warden with a boxed gas-mask.

A cigar - into Winston,

A trilby; a narrow tash and a wrist of watches - a spiv.

A full white apron and a blue packet - a grocer selling sugar.

A collar-less shirt; string wrapped below knees and boots - a labourer.

A vest with POW - Pingley Camp person.

Bowler hat, umbrella and dark suit - bank manager.

A pair of shorts, green scarf, long socks - a boy sprout.

A black shirt with white cardboard insert in collar - vicar.

A polo-necked sweater and wellies - marchant seaman.

Wrapped in bandages - injured person.

Ken Harrison said...

A pencil, note-pad, wearing a coloured (green usually) visor with inky-fingers - puffing heavily on cig. = 'Nige' the Wartime Lincs Times reporter.

A gown, maths text book and a cane - BGS teacher

An blazer, shorts and dirty knees - BGS pupil.

Binoculars, small camera, sun-specs, radio and pill - a spy!

Elderly person in baggy trousers, shirt, wide leather belt, cap and wearing lots of medals - WW1 veteran.

Birthday suit - WW2 streaker