Thursday, April 01, 2010


Those who use Bigby High Road, on the approach to Brigg from Bigby and Caistor, may have noticed that the water/watchtower of the old Pingley Camp prisoner of war facility is still standing. That's even though all the huts have long gone and building work is now under way to create luxury detached properties, courtesy of a firm with Pingley in its title.
This site, where Second World War German and Italian PoWs were housed, is just outside the Brigg/North Lincolnshire authority boundaries, so it comes under West Lindsey District Council and is outside the area overseen by our community leaders.
But wouldn't it be fitting if the road leading off the A1084 and into the housing development carried a name recording the site's historic past?
Please, no jokes about "Don't menshun ze vor!"... we are being serious.
Doubtless Ken Harrison, Brigg's Blog's comment poster-in-chief, will kick us off with a suggestion or two.


Ken Harrison said...

gssmithy and I have been here before...see posts of yestermonth.

Another few names:

Sausage Square
Blockhouse Way,
Pasta Place,
The Retreat,
Achtung Avenue,
Latrines Lanes,
Washouse Walk,
Iron Crossroads,
Panzer Track,
Lager Lane (lager, german for camp)
Axis Close,
Gestapo Gardens,
Decontamination Drive......

Ken Harrison said...

Dead serious about:

VIA LAGER -Germanio/Latin = CAMP ROAD

Vote VIA LAGER at the next available opportunity!!!!