Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Drivers suffered double frustration in Brigg yesterday.
First, Network Rail closed the level crossing, on Bigby High Road, for maintenance, meaning a detour via Wrawby and Kettleby crossing for those living in that part of town, plus customers of Brigg Garden Centre.
Secondly, double-yellow lines on Bridge Street (A18) were being repainted. And that caused tailbacks through Scawby Brook and round Castlethorpe Corner.
Late morning, it took us half-an-hour - returning from Scunthorpe - to get clear of the traffic jam.
Brigg's carbon footprint must have gone up two large shoe sizes during the work, with the engines in all those cars, vans and lorries idling steadily.

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Ken Harrison said...

Nige - a few things to raise your spirits ....it's St Patrick's Day and the White Horse is trading again (since last Friday night).