Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Bus fares on the Hornsby service between Brigg and Scunthorpe have increased by 20p on a single journey, which now costs £2.40p (subsidised).
Competitors Stagecoach had already raised their prices, making a typical return trip from the steel town to Brigg £2.50p (unsubsidised).
In a green move, North Lincolnshire Council chips in to subsidise certain buses on this route, helping to encourage use of public transport, which is to be applauded.
Unfortunately, only two people got on and paid their £2.40p on the 7am Hornsby service from Cary Lane to Scunthorpe today.
Fares on other bus routes from Brigg have also risen.


GMSmith said...

Stop moaning Fisher !!!

Get that bus ahhhhht !!!!!

Ken Harrison said...

I've been looking for signs...I've checked the tea leaves in me cups for days....but it hasn't worked.

Now I see it -'Scunthorpe 4' ...that'll be Scunny's goals in the Johnstone Paint Trophy Final?
Now I've got to find a sign for Luton Town's score....I'll try the tea leaves again!

Ken Harrison said...

Pssstt...Nige....want to borrow me bus pass? Wear a flat cap and a high collar...limp a little and carry a stick....no-one will know???

Ken Harrison said...

The tea leaves said, 'No'.