Monday, March 02, 2009


A new Brigg Job Club starts tomorrow (Tuesday).
Out of work? Need some help with a CV or application form? Looking for ideas to find a job quicker? Can’t find the support you want? Want to talk to people in the same boat?
Then pop along to Brigg Methodist Church, on Barnard Avenue, tomorrow when the club starts, for an initial 'test' period of six weeks, meeting from 1pm to 3pm in the coffee lounge at this time every Tuesday.
Everyone interested is welcome to call in and chat with organiser Jim Marr.
He says: "I have been out of work for seven months and am looking to start a group who can support each other through periods of unemployment. Interested? Nothing better to do? Then come and have a coffee at Brigg Job Club."
You can contact Jim on 07777662258.


Jim said...

The first meeting saw the club get off the ground, although a small meeting with three unemployed people and four others. Thank you to Town Councillors Mike Doherty and Alec Depledge for showing support to the event. Publicity is spreading and we hope to see more people next Tuesday. Comments from attendees were encouraging and we shared a few ideas on agencies and CV writing. We also enjoyed a few chocolate biscuits and coffee!

Jim said...

The second meeting saw an increase in the number of attendees who either heard through the grapevine or through Brigg Matters. We now have seven members who have been in touch. One from London!!!! He had searched on Google and got a link through Nigel's Brigg Blog. Whilst it is a local project - I couldn't turn them away and so sent some stuff through email and invited him to join our project web site. We can claim some firsts at the club now. I wrote to Hull Na Humber Chamber of Commerce with some suggested actions that local businesses could be taken to help the unemployed and themselves and this will be discussed at their next meeting this week where many of the local Business Leaders attend to discus s local issues. Many thanks to Anne Taite for her support in this. I also contacted the Regional TUC Secretary Bill Adams, who sent us some booklets for the club. I also lobbied the local CBI and IoD on what actions they were taking - hopefully more on that later!

The Library Service for North Lincs get 10/10 for listening to an idea raised at the club for computer access. Not only are they going to help, but they thought the idea was so good they are going to roll it out across all their libraries. Again more on this later.