Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Many middle-aged and elderly Brigg folk who these days pass along Grammar School Road, near the entrance to what is now Sir John Nelthorpe School, will remember when what is now a house used to be Jack Clarke's tuck shop.
The amiable proprietor got a good deal of his trade from pupils at the grammar school across the road.
During the 1960s and 1970s he only allowed two pupils into the shop at a time, during morning break, the queue being controlled by prefects on the door.
Whether this was due to concerns over possible shoplifting, or just a wish to avoid a stampede, is not clear. Possibly a bit of both.
Favourites to buy in our day were flavoured crips and (at the right time of year) creme eggs.
Jack also sold magazines and newspapers, and stocked specialist school items like expensive paints and brushes.
The shop went through several pairs of hands until being taken over by PaperLincs, who eventually closed it, centralising their business in Spring's Parade, which was then closed last year.

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