Saturday, January 03, 2009


Brigg Blog reader 'Chris' has replied to the recent posting informing people in our area that the direct route for vehicles between Brigg and Cadney (pictured) will be cut off for a few days later this month, while repair work is carried out by the Ancholme Internal Drainage Board.
"We could use the bus - oh, I forgot, we don't have public transport in Cadney," he comments.
A very fair point. Public transport in the Brigg area is strange, to say the least.
Contrast Chris's observation on the lack of buses linking Brigg and Cadney with the situation the other morning in Cary Lane.
At about 7.30pm a Stagecoach (Lincs Road Car) bus arrived heading for Scunthorpe, to be followed, seconds later, by a Hornsby (No 4) one going to the same destination. One travelled via Scawby and Ashby, the other via Broughton and Ashby.
I think this might relate to college/school term time, when many youngsters from the Brigg area go to John Leggott, North Lindsey College and (possibly) St Bede's.
But it is strange to get two going to the same destination at the same time, and no meaningful service at all to other places in the Brigg district.
Then, of course, there's Brigg station with its deplorable service of only three passenger trains each way on a Saturday - and none at all during weekdays and on Sundays.
For years, politicians have been banging on about co-ordinated public transport.
The long-suffering public is still waiting, ladies and gents!

PS The 7.30pm trip to Scunthorpe by Stagecoach costs £2.30 - 10p more than early morning trips with Hornsby. I think I'm right in thinking this is related to the commendable subsidy paid by North Lincolnshire Council to help encourage the use of public transport.

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Bumpkin said...

Thanks for picking that up. My comment is not so much about the lack of any public transport, but a an observation that we are charged to park in Brigg without another transport alternative - we have to drive in. If the council we serious about reducing car traffic (hence the charges) they would provide the choice, instead it is solely a tax on outlying villagers.

I am not surprised about the road closure during these icy times - according to the councils published gritting map, the road between Cadney and Brigg doesn't even exist! Have a look for yourself: