Sunday, December 30, 2007


Why is there no cardboard recycling bin, or skip, on Tesco's car park in Brigg?
If your red household bin, provided by North Lincolnshire Council, becomes full it would be nice to take the surplus to Tesco for recycling, while paying a visit to do some shopping.
You can usually get rid of cans, bottles and even old shoes by visiting Tesco's store. But there's no facility for cardboard, which is a pity, as it's one of the most valuable sorts of rubbish for re-use.
Praise is due to the major retailer for housing recycling bins on its land and helping Brigg folk to do their bit for the environment, in accordance with the council's wishes.
But - at certain times of the year - the red council bin is just not big enough to last between collections for many households.
The easy option is just to stuff the cardboard into the black general waste bin and send it for dumping at the landfill site. But surely that's not what the council wants to see happen?
Talking of Tesco, the 'can bank' in its car park, off Barnard Avenue, was full to bursting this morning. Hopefully, with new year almost upon us, the lorry will arrive to empty it tomorrow. Otherwise it's very likely other would-be recyclers will do what someone has already done and leave a carrier-bag full of cans alongside the full-to-overflowing bin.

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