Monday, November 12, 2012


Behind the traffic cones are large boulders that have been carefully positioned across the entrance to the paddock off Station Road in Brigg - and there are no longer travellers' caravans to be seen there.
When Brigg Blog was in this part of town on Saturday, the yellow gate on Station Road was shut so vehicles could not get through to the old railway yard, though it was possible to catch a train on foot if you parked up on the wrong side of the barrier.
Look at the above picture and on the right you will observe the rear of North Lincolnshire Council's office complex, Hewson House.

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Ken Harrison said...

Rather than twiddling me thumbs in Brigg, I took myself off to the Houses of Parliament yesterday.
I was shown around by Andrew Percy MP.
The House of Commons is a lot small than it appears on telly..really quite small.
Anyway, I managed to acquire the House of Commons Order of Business for Monday 12th....Eric Pickles, Local Communities minister was due to speak.....and a number of MP's had presented a number of questions about 'unauthorised developments' and 'illegal encampments, while another wanted to know 'how effective were the powers of local authorities to deal with illegal traveller sites.'

Another thing I noticed is that HofC business begins with, 'Prayers'....and it is in the agenda!!