Friday, May 13, 2011


This was one of Thursday's posts "lost" during the system issues. We are reposting it for the benefit of those who missed it first time round.

Following the death of Chris Gunnee, there has been a short period when all accounts for the Brigg Old Peoples Welfare Committee were brought up to date etc. The complication has been that the BOPWC was actually three separate groups, all with their own bank accounts, and (in theory) their own committees etc. When Chris died, all accounts were frozen. We have to thank Peter Edlington for stepping in ( with Betty Lewis) and bringing them up to date.
The BOPWC committee met on Wednesday May 11th and agreed the final "End of Year" accounts.
It also decided to make a few changes :
The committee formally decided to merge the three separate groups into one and it has changed its name to "Brigg Senior Citizens".
Peter Edlington was elected Treasurer and Ben Nobbs was elected Chair. The group decided to wait till after all the changes were made before electing a secretary.
If any representatives of any other groups in Brigg wish to join, they are more than welcome. Next meeting is at 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday June 15th.
The usual Senior Citizens Coach trip to Skegness will take place, this year on Wednesday, July 13th.
Ticket price will be £5 ( this is heavily subsidised thanks to various donations including the Brigg Town Mayors appeal 2010).
Pick up will be at various points around Brigg with both coaches leaving Cary Lane at 10 am : There will be the usual free raffle on each coach.
Tickets will be available from Brigg Tourist Information Centre from the middle of June.

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