Monday, June 28, 2010


This site adjoining the Angel Suite, behind Hardy's and backing onto Kettle's, used to be the location of John Draper's joinery workshop. It now has planning permission for housing. Here are the details if you fancy snapping up a location which could hardly be nearer to the town centre.

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Ken Harrison said...

......and the site was the location of the original 'Lord Nelson' pub....the present one was built in front, facing Market Place.
I wonder tho' if some of the original features, ie the bay window and entrance doors were recycled..

Talking about in Greenwich, a town house, like the ad shows, would cost over a half- million. There are town houses on the market between 1.5 to 2 million quid.

Took my grandson (daughter & co still at Glastonbury - return this pm) to school this's dustman day.....and here it's a different type of rubbish - champers bottles, cigar boxes stangely mixed with take-aways cartons. One house had disposed a good set of drums and there were numerous vuvuzelas.

Anyway, it give me a funny feeling wondering about Greenwich zig-zagging between East and West.
Going to the Planetarium and to watch the time-ball drop at the Royal Observatory at 1pm.

Just as an observstion - they say it takes about 10 years (for Brigg somewhat longer) for London fashions to reach the rest of the uk.
Toddlers around this part of London are called , Iris, Arthur, Stanley, Barbara, Ruby and so this foretelling a national trend??????