Sunday, June 27, 2010


I bought a tray of chips from Scalini's, in Wrawby Street, last night while wandering through the Market Place. Very impressive indeed they were. Wish I'd gone for a bigger portion.
I was planning to sit and eat them on one of the wooden benches in the Market Place but it was in very poor shape. Not a good impression to give our visitors.
Those in high places who follow Brigg Blog, please note. It's near to Grimley Smith's premises and the Woolpack - not that they have anything to do with the seat.


Ken Harrison said...

Wooden benches seem vulnerable to seems lots of other places have replaced such with simple stone, or marble seats. One advantage these seating plinths have....having no back, it stops folks using the back as an elevated seat and the bench as a footrest.

Ken Harrison said...

'Chips - Tasty Offering' = 'A Chef's Potty Firings'!!!!!