Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tonight sees Brigg Town Council deciding whether it wants to continue to pay to have the town's public conveniences opened up on Sundays and bank holidays by North Lincolnshire Council.
The suggested cost will be considerably more than 'spending a penny'!
This issue will be discussed when the property and services committee meets at the Angel Suite, off Market Place, at 7.30pm. The session is open to the public, if you wish to go along and listed to the debates.
Prior to that, at 7pm, there's a meeting of the planning and environment committee, when councillors will consider whether to comment on an application to retain a conservatory at 14 East Parade, Brigg.
See you there?


Ken Harrison said...

Who exactly are the 'public'? Does that include Wrawby's 'public'?
I've been told that I can't say anything, cos I'm a village person.
But the loo is for the convenience of all.
Brigg relies on us village people to survive...and its us village people who are more likely to use the loo; Townies can nip home for a wee.
Can't the cost be proportionately spread with village and Brigg councils making appropriate donations for the running costs?

AlisonK said...

What happened about this issue? There is nothing worse, when you need the loo, than finding one only to discover it is locked. Public loos should be kept open as much as possible.