Sunday, December 07, 2008


Earlier this afternoon it took me 10 minutes to get from St Helen's Road, past the Monument and down Barnard Avenue, as far as Ancholme Way, despite there being no accident, roadworks or procession of 'Sunday drivers' crawling along.
The reason appeared to be the timing of the two sets of traffic lights on Barnard Avenue.
Very little traffic will exit the Old Courts Road car park on a Sunday, and not much from Cary Lane, either. So why not alter the timing of the lights at slack periods like this, to allow more 'through' traffic on the A18?
These days you can control just about anything by computer, over huge distances.
Still on the question of traffic flows: Things would be speeded up considerably if people in Brigg (other than those living in cul-de-sacs) parked vehicles in their drives, if they have them.
Why do they insist on leaving them on the streets?
Insurance companies used to give discounts for parking cars on your own property. And there's much less chance of vandalism or accidental damage.

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