Sunday, November 09, 2008


Poles are getting in the way on the River Ancholme towpath. No, not immigrants from eastern Europe, but anglers leaving their fishing poles across what is a public footpath.
Brigg Town Council has flagged up this problem before, and it has been drawn to the attention of the body which oversees angling in the area. Yet, the other day, on a small stretch of towpath on the Old River, there were three poles you had to step over.
Not so bad if you are able-bodied, but what about the elderly and disabled, wheelchair users and those with pushchairs? Should if really be necessary to have to ask the anglers to move their fishing poles off the towpath so you can get past?
I noted one angler - and just one - using what we will call an old-fashioned fishing rod, not a pole. He had no gear fouling the footpath.
So maybe that's the answer on this stretch: Make anglers stick to traditional rods and don't allow the poles, if people can't be trusted to keep clear of the footpath.

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