Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So North Lincolnshire Council has decided the three sites it put forward for consideration as possible gypsy traveller sites in Brigg are unsuitable - and has, instead, selected ones in Scunthorpe and Barton for further consideration.
The suggested sites in Brigg were all off Station Road, on the council's own land.
This will be seen by many as a victory for commonsense - and democracy - as lots of Brigg people voiced opposition to land near Station Road being used in this way.
To put a traveller site on The Paddock - the area of green space behind Hewson House - would have damaged an area renowned for its flora, fauna and wildlife.
To put a site behind the railway station, on what is now scrub land (see picture), would have been unfair to the travellers. Who would want to live in a metal caravan, just a few yards from a line which carries heavy, noisy, rumbling freight trains?
On safety grounds it would also have been a poor mix to have young children near to those fast-moving trains.
What do you think?

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