Monday, August 04, 2008


It's passed into Brigg folklore, but some people claim to have been there, or know someone who was.
That's the famous occasion when travellers led one of their horses into the Woolpack Inn, through the rear of the premises, on horse fair day. It didn't do the carpet any good!
Certainly the fair was held near The Woolie for some years (1980s?), on the stockmarket site. A great story, but is it true? If you have any information, or views, please email
Just a reminder there's an extra attraction if you are popping into the town centre on Thursday.
To get us in the mood for tomorrow's horse fair, here's a picture from our archives showing one about 20 years ago, when the venue was the old stockmarket, off Cary Lane (where Tesco's store now stands). On the left are two well-known Brigg lads, 'Fitz' and 'Tank' Driscoll. In the distance is the rear entrance to the Woolpack, but there's no suggestion this was the horse taken inside for a cooling drink!

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