Monday, August 11, 2008


Andrew Percy, Brigg and Goole's Prospective Conservative MP, makes an interesting point in his latest emailed newsletter, under the heading: No More Phone Boxes?
"It seems like everyone has mobile phones nowadays, but that doesn't mean that no-one needs phone boxes anymore," he says. "Especially when they are the traditional red boxes which are such a great symbol of Britain.
"Unfortunately, BT is starting to remove more and more of them. I'm letting local people know about some of the ways they can try and save the phone boxes in their villages, such as applying for heritage status. If there's one near you that you think might be in danger, let me know."
That's a fair point made by Andrew. But does he realise that when the public phone box at the top of King's Avenue, Brigg, was removed, the first our town councillors knew about it was when this Blog tipped them off?
I seem to recall the red post box in the Market Place being afforded listed status some years ago, but as BT has long removed most of the old-fashioned ones and replaced them with the modern silver-coloured variety, there's no chance of any of them being made listed structures. Which makes their removal all the more likely.
BT, of course, is a business. And if phone boxes take very little income but still need maintaining and repairing (if vandals have struck) you can't blame the company for reviewing the situation.
However, if it wants to get rid of any more in our town, it should ensure Brigg Town Council and North Lincolnshire Council are informed, so our elected representatives can let the public know - and fight the plans, if that's thought necessary.
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