Wednesday, March 26, 2008


No volunteers came forward to express interest in helping set up a Brigg Parish Plan.
Parish plans outline developments and improvements the community would like, such as an all-weather floodlit sports pitch. One completed, it is usual to deliver a printed copy to every household.
However, no interest was shown when the matter came up for consideration at the Annual Town Public Meeting, held in the Angel Suite, despite 20-or-so residents being present.
Much of the information which might be used in a future Brigg Parish Plan is already contained in the Brigg Market Town Initiative’s Action Plan, written several years ago.
Town Mayor Coun Michael Doherty stressed the parish plan would need to be community-led and not carried out by the town council.
Coun Tom Glossop added: "A lot of the groundwork has already been done."
With no interest shown by the public, the Town Mayor said: "It sits on the table until someone says they want to do a plan."
If you are reading this and want to volunteer, contact town clerk Jeanette Woollard (pictured). Her office in the basement of the Angel Suite, off Market Place, is open Monday and Thursday morning from 9.30am to noon. Telephone (01652) 655117. Or email:

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