Thursday, March 06, 2008


Maybe Brigg now boasts the smallest traffic hump in the country.
It's on Woodbine Avenue and a photo is no good to show you what it looks like; it's just too small to show up! Go along and have a look...if you are interested.
New power cables were recently laid under the road and it was necessary to remove one of the tarmac humps while the work was being done.
However, rather surprisingly, whoever relaid the top surface seems to have made a token attempt at replacing the traffic hump, although it's only sticking up an inch or two.
No doubt North Lincolnshire Council will eventually restore it to its former glory.
And on the question of highway matters: How come Almond Grove can qualify for a mini-roundabout but Bigby Road can't?
The junction between Birch Avenue and Almond Grove sees much less traffic than the connecting point between St Helen's Road and Bigby Road.
Try exiting St Helen's Road during the early morning or late afternoon and there's a constant stream of traffic holding you up.
A mini-roundabout would solve the problem, and keep traffic moving.
If you are thinking this is an A-road (A18)and so cannot have a mini-roundabout, then how come there's one at Fountain Corner, Scawby Brook?
Perhaps it's time North Lincolnshire Council staff had a look at the situation at the top of St Helen's Road, which is not made any easier by vehicles being permitted to park on Bigby Road, opposite the junction. This would have to stop if a mini-roundabout was introduced.

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