Sunday, September 22, 2013


There's a campaign under way that calls for the postal authorities to remove all reference to Humberside.
This local government administrative county was created in 1974 and linked the two banks of the Humber for the first time.
It was obliterated in 1996 when North Lincolnshire Council was formed, together with other new unitary authorities.
Yet, as this Brigg picture shows, Humberside County Council's presence is still with us.
The sign points the way along Clothes Hedge Footpath, between Yarborough Road and Churchill Avenue - a public right of way.
North Lincolnshire Council is now the footpath and rights of way authority and has invested staff time and money in keeping this route clear for walkers. 
So it's rather strange that, in 17 years, no-one has got round to updating the sign.

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