Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Three police cars were parked on Bigby High Road about 8.30pm last night, not far from the level crossing, while officers talked to a member of the public on the footpath.
Two of the 'cop cars' sped into Brigg, along Bridge Street, on their way to assist with inquiries.
We gather it turned out to be nothing major. Police haven't yet revealed what was going on, but we are hoping to check with Insp Brett Rutty this morning to see whether he can add anything to our inquiries.
A handful of spectators - probably local residents - were taking an interest after hearing, and seeing, the arrival of the three police vehicles last night.

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Ken Harrison said...

.....we wait in anticipation for the next exciting episode to this drama, Nige.

Could this and the previous article about the cycle lanes in Bridge St. be connected?

Night-time marking out of the cycle lanes could have caused a problem....and the police could be following a extended line of enquiry!!!!!