Saturday, June 15, 2013


Now we've attracted your attention with the headline, we'd better explain that Brigg Blog is talking about our feathered friends. Pied wagtails are again to be seen quite regularly in the Market Place, while a dozen-or-so swifts can be viewed, and heard, catching insects on the wing above the town centre. To get a good view of the latter, seat yourself in the beer garden behind the Black Bull Inn one night when the weather is fine.

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Ken Harrison said...

By coincidence, a blue tit flew thro' my patio doors today and flew around my lounge for several minutes.
My cat was bemused, but fortunately had just eaten a mouse, so was still replete after its field-fare nosh.
I aided the bird's escape by further opening up the patio doors, finger pointing to the exit and repeatedly shouting. 'Silly fool, go that way!'
No harm done, but if someone knows how to remove bird-poo from my keyboard without fusing the whole thing, please advise....
ps For info - birds don't poo and wee separately - what comes out of their bum is a combined lotion - an example of how primitive they are on the evolutionary ladder. Indeed, they have evolved from dinosaurs.