Monday, March 02, 2020


Brigg Blog used the recent public consultation session in the Angel Suite to lodge a request with North Lincolnshire Council about the long line of trees bordering the Recreation Ground.
With new housing earmarked in the Local Plan for the adjoining field (currently agricultural) we wanted to put on record a request for these fine old trees to be retained when the house-building scheme comes to pass.
The poplars are on council land and we can quite appreciate that having tall trees near new homes is not ideal.
However, these well-established trees have been a feature of The Rec for decades.
We should stress there has been no suggestion that the council wants to remove them, but the point of the recent consultation session was to gather comments from Brigg people about future housing development. So we exercised our right to do just that.
Although Brigg Blog is sure that some other town residents would like to see these trees retained as they are, if height does become an issue, in due course, perhaps a compromise could be considering - reducing the height of the poplars.
They provide a welcome wind break to benefit those playing football and cricket on the nearby grass pitches and also the many people who exercise pet dogs by walking them around the Rec's perimeter.