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Brigg Blog wishes our many followers a very happy new year and welcomes in 2018 with a wish list for the coming 12 months.
The community's main priority is to attract a major employer, or even several,  of similar size, in employment terms, to Falcon Cycles, Brigg Sugar Factory,  Corah's and Spring's.
The local NatWest bank branch  is set to close in June, meaning another sizeable building looks like becoming vacant in the Market Place, joining HSBC's former premises.
It is hoped that new tenants or owners can be found for both. Vacant premises with 'to let' or 'for sale' signs do not create a good impression.
We hope Brigg's many niche shops will prosper and that more will be established and take up membership of the go-ahead Brigg Town Business Partnership.

Grimsby-based Bennetts Timber is due to open new premises in the town later this month.
Brigg Blog will bring you more about that in the near future.

Many people in Brigg are very keen to see the new Aldi store built in the town, planning permission having been granted many months ago by North Lincolnshire Council. 

An artist's impression from Aldi showing how the new Brigg store will look.

Holiday lodges at Brigg Marina are due to be completed in the not too distant future.

Maybe North Lincolnshire Council will consider extending the very popular  farmers' markets to twice monthly. That would give the town a real boost.

Brigg being a very popular place to live, many more new homes will be built this year and we can expect further applications to be submitted, seeking approval to develop properties of varying sizes at other locations.
The Friends of the Brigg Line will continue to campaign for greater use of the town's railway station and for a much-needed extension of the passenger train service from Saturdays to other days of the week.
Construction of Brigg Buttercross having started in 1817, we hope to hear from North Lincolnshire Council about forthcoming celebrations to mark the landmark building's 200th anniversary.
The Lord Nelson pub in Brigg is earmarked for refurbishment early in 2018, and it's to be hoped that other breweries will invest in their town centre hostelries.
Brigg Town Football Club has not enjoyed much playing success of late so fingers crossed that the Zebras get the run of the ball during the coming months.
Brigg Town Cricket Club will be returning to play at the refurbished Recreation Ground from May after some years using borrowed venues elsewhere for home fixtures.
And last but by no means least...
Will 2018 finally see a concerted campaign by the authorities to rid our pedestrian area of cyclists and uncaring drivers?
Brigg needs  people on foot to be able to move from shop to shop without having to step aside for those approaching on two or four wheels?

PICTURED ABOVE: An unusual bird's eye view of the A18 in Brigg  by Ken Harrison.


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Ken Harrison said...

Re the aerial pic, was blinking difficult to keep flapping me arms and to take a photo at the same time!....That pic was one of the last on my 35mm camera..taken some years ago..

Ken Harrison said...

Wish list..
1. Sort the traffic problem in the pedestrian area..
2. Evaluate the success rate and improve, as necessary, the town's CCTV system.
3. Highway...Bridge St...reduce the dangers of turning right from any of the side streets along Bridge St Water's Edge, garage, Mill Lane etc..
4.Establish public boat trips on the river...rowing boat hire...
5.Bike hire scheme to enable families to cycle the riverside cycle track..
6.Litter...massive improvement scheme needed..
7. The vital need to advertise/promote events and activities in Brigg...things happen, but they are often, 'Briggs best kept secrets' and folks are not aware they have happened!!! Electronic notice boards displaying forthcoming events would prove invaluable...
8. Stop/ban feeding the swans/ducks bread..
9. Liaise with Tesco to create separate exit and entrance..also - sort out the old car repair/spray workshops eyesore..
10. Heritage/history sites in Brigg - create informative plaques at appropriate site giving appropriate info..
2019 list to follow...

Ken Harrison said...

It would prove beneficial if such a body as Brigg Town Council (could be another body) creates an achievable objective list...about 2 schemes to concentrate upon during a 12 month period..this will direct efforts, focus ideas, and workload to specific aims to benefit the town...perhaps, ask the community for ideas, then chose a limited number of achievable schemes to pursue...then repeat the following year..

Ken Harrison said...

...and finally...wot's happened to the Brigg Community Plan 2012?
Is this document just collecting dust?
Has anyone/group regularly reviewed/assessed/evaluated the progress of its various aims?
Wot, for example, has happened to the 'Youth Council - should be implemented immediately' notion?....or the idea of events/facilities should be 'well publicised' using 'promotional furniture' about the town?....Blanket were on the river?...
Some of the aims in the document have been achieved, such as improving the Rec, but there are many more that seem to have been ignored as no-one has been seemingly been systematically evaluating the public aims of this document.