Saturday, April 08, 2017


The Monument war memorial beside the A18 in Brigg is the latest structure in the town to be afforded grade two listed  status.
It's inclusion on the national register of protected assets was mentioned during Brigg Town Council's latest meeting.
Historic England says it is a First World War memorial dating from 1919, with later additions for the Second World War.
Historic England sees it as an imposing memorial in the Classical style, with fine carving by Yorkshire sculptor Joseph Thewlis.
Brigg's war memorial was unveiled on June 15, 1919, remembering 105 local servicemen who died during the so-called war to end all wars.
Brigg Town Council plans to renovate the Monument ahead of 2018 - the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War.
Although we normally talk of listed buildings, some bridges (including Brigg's County Bridge and the one at Horkstow) are also included on the national register, together with some memorials and other structures of note.


Ken Harrison said...

Glad to see that you used the word 'local' and not 'Brigg' servicemen...the Munument contains the names of 105 casualties, half of them who came from outlying villages...Broughton...Somerby...
BUT there is one name missing..Army nurse, Sister Andrew, KIA on the Western Front in March 1918, after a Red Cross train was bombed by an aeroplane.
I have asked BTC twice to add her name to the Monument...their response is that she came from Wrawby...and her name is already on a plaque in Wrawby's Church, so doesn't qualify.
By contrast, many of those names on Brigg's war memorial also appear on other LOCAL memorials.
Well, if Brigg can't, or won't recognise a LOCAL person, one of the few women actually KIA on the is fortunate that her name is the first on a brass plaque of nurses killed in action in York Minster.

Ken Harrison said...

I thought it a bit odd when it was implied that the war memorial had just become a was listed in the middle of 2016.
It may be interesting to note for comparison that the K6 telephone kiosk, outside the Westminster Bank in the Market Place, was listed in 1998.

Ken Harrison said...

........indeed, many of the buildings within the historical, inner core of Brigg are listed buildings.....these include, for example, the old Manor House, Dying Glad.....the Angel isn't listed on the grounds that it has been modernised on an old structure.....but listed buildings do not necessarily have to old....if it's architecturally interesting, it could qualify irrespective of age....