Thursday, April 06, 2017


There has been plenty of interest shown in Brigg Blog's recent posts about traffic lights on the A18  and also about some drivers just proceing "on red" if they are held up.
One suggestion at the Annual Town Meeting - from a member of the public - was the flow of vehicles might be better if the Old Courts Road and Cary Lane lights were switched off altogether.
Former Brigg resident and sportsman, Steve Antcliffe, who follows our Blog from his home in sunny Thailand, emailed us to say: "When I was in Brigg, early March, I was turning right into Cary Lane, from the doctors'/Tesco direction.  I waited and waited, lights turning red/green/red/green. After about 3 changes and no filter green for me to turn right, eventually the bus driver behind me got out and came to me to tell me I had to go forward halfway across the junction for the sensor to tell that a car is waiting and then for the green right turn arrow to activate.....Crazy!"
A former highways inspector for a city council told us: "The switching off of the traffic lights are a non-starter as the pelican crossing aspect is for a busy road.
"Bad planning is to blame with extra traffic signalling time needed for traffic coming down Cary Lane.
"First things first, the road markings need to be repainted."
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